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Letter from Dave Warwak - Face the truth

I find it very disturbing that schools hide veganism from children and promote false dairy industry advertisements. School administrators have proven they do not care to change – even when children’s lives are at stake.

What can be more important than children’s lives?

Schools should be delivering truth; instead, money-hungry administrators promote evil lies and sell out the children we entrusted them to care for.

Children want all the information and appreciate having choices – especially when their own health and well-being are in danger. The philosophy learned in classrooms today becomes the philosophy of society tomorrow.

Schools avoid humane education and teach students to be ignorant and apathetic.

Not knowing and not caring are different things. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is nothing to sweep under the rug. I wonder how people will feel in 10 to 15 years when the children of today are the “dropping-like-flies” adults of tomorrow. It breaks my heart, but at least I know I did everything possible to let people know.

Moreover, because the people in charge wish to oppress the trusting children, I vow to continue informing generations to come.

Fox River Grove, welcome to the new world of beef recalls, truth, and responsible vegan teachers.

Dave Warwak
Williams Bay, Wis.

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