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Letter to Northwest Herald from Dave Warwak

March 1, 2008 - Northwest Herald

To the Editor:

After trying to teach the evils of meat to our children, there was a 143 million-pound recall that was too late for our children in the school system. Turns out, 384 pounds of the recalled meat from Westland was made into taco meat and fed to our children at Fox River Grove Middle School in April and the months after of 2007.

You can confirm this with Jim Copp, Principal Consultant Division of Nutrition Programs and Support Services Illinois State Board of Education. USDA announced the recall for fears of mad cow disease. I was fired for trying to warn the kids and if just one of them gets Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which is the human form of mad cow disease, who are we to blame?

How sad it would be if one Fox River Grove child, just one child gets a brain-wasting disease through our fault. It is called spongiform encephalitis for a good reason. The brain turns into a sponge. I know what you are thinking. It cannot happen here. Meat and dairy have no place in the school lunch program. Animals were never food. We were raised wrong. We are teaching wrong.

Dave Warwak
Williams Bay, Wis.

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