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Letter from Sharonah about Experimenting on Monkeys - 22 Sep 2007

Dear Creatures Organisation,

My name is Sharonah and I can't stand the thought of someone doing those things, I can't stand that us the humans are attracting the part human/monkey family, since we evolved from them. I can't see why the scientist go to such a extent for science! It is intolerable!

Though I don't see the point of not eating meat and using wool, I don't like other things like skins. We all need meat, it gives us strength its only natural for humans to eat meat since that's also apart of evolution. Look lions eat antelope, cats eat mice and birds see?

Well I'm kind of getting off topic.  I already know that people can't keep chimpanzees pets since 1974, if they don't have a license; thank the government for that law, but I was so engrossed in those pictures, I couldn't help but stare at what those mongrels have done, excuse my French.

Well I just wanted to share my concerns, but I don't know if I did though.

Lots Of Love,

From Sharonah,
aged 13

Reply From Frank and Mary Hoffman

Dear Sharonah:

We feel the same way you do about the suffering of the monkeys, but we also care about every other animal, too.

We really don't need to eat animals. We can even be healthier eating only unprocessed plant foods. Take a look at our recipe section www.all-creatures.org/recipes.html  You and your family hopefully will enjoy some of them.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


This letter is an example of the disconnect that most youth have to the suffering of other living beings.  It is a direct result of not telling youth the truth.

Sharonah expresses her love to us in her closing, and for the suffering monkeys who are experimented upon, but she excuses away that love for the animals that end up on the plates of humans. See: www.all-creatures.org/anex  

True love is unconditional; it extends to the whole of creation, and includes ever other human being, every other animal, and the environment in which we all live.  The lifestyle in which Sharonah grew up caused her to lose the part of her God-given empathy that she was born with. 

She has been convinced, through the lies that she's been told or taught that we need to eat animals to be healthy, so she has blocked those natural empathic feelings and love for "food animals".

See the All-Creatures Health Section for articles that tell the whole truth, and look at the linked Doctors' sites to learn even more: www.all-creatures.org/health.html

We will never know the true meaning of love and peace until we begin to love unconditionally.  Then and only then will we be truly healthy.  

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