How Can I Help?...Tell Youth the Truth

If You Are A Student...

  • Do research and write papers on what really happens to animals on Factory Farms and in Slaughterhouses...There are no 'happy cows', smiling pigs, or 'barnyard chickens'...They all suffer.  For a starter see: Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery
  • Do research and write papers on the benefits of eating a Plant Based Diet, and on the harmful effects of eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) which is heavy in animal flesh, Their by products, and their bodily secretions.  For a starter see: Health, and the Diet and Health section of this site.
  • Organize like minded groups of Students to petition your school to have more Healthful Vegan Meals in the cafeteria, and to end the suffering of animals.

If You Are A Parent or Teacher...

  • Stop hiding the truth about animal abuse and suffering on farms, in research, and in entertainment.
  • Tell our Youth the truth about the harmful effects of eating animal products, and the chronic diseases that such a diet causes, just as we do with smoking, drinking, and using drugs.
  • Encourage our Youth to do their own research on these and other subjects, and to write papers on the subject, and to discuss them in class and at home.