Shameful Peace Loving Silent Vegans, Bullies, and Future Killing Machines
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Shameful Peace Loving Silent Vegans, Bullies, and Future Killing Machines

By Dave Warwak

I am all for violence instead of dragging animal liberation’s realization just to avoid violence. I mean nonviolence is cool … when it works … when we have the time.

The chickens with their heads on chopping blocks can’t wait as long as our melting ice caps or our drowning polar bears or our peace loving nonviolent movement stall.

In the end, vegans allow violence to continue on a truly massive scale because they are afraid—or too principled—to use violence against those who rule the Holocaust. Logic is inconsequential when given the big picture’s gravity. It is our actions that speak our words. And if those timid bubbles can’t stand for friends who can’t stand for themselves, then life is worth only a morsel.

How shameful of vegans to ignore children while holding hands and singing “Joy to the World” with corpse-munchers who demand the murder of 75 million of our defenseless friends daily.

I know the vegan peace loving thought well, “Oh, we understand you are not ready yet … maybe in one hundred years, we will have a vegan world. Take your time and raise your children how you choose. We won’t tell the children the truth – at least until long after you have fully brainwashed their sorry asses. Your secret is safe with us no matter how many corpse-munching machines you crank out”

This is how it continues. And because peace loving vegans treat children as “off-limits,” our soon-to-be-murdered friends need a violent revolution of animal liberation more than ever. If not now, when?

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