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Dave Warwak Dave Warwak

The “Tell Youth The Truth” campaign started out of my efforts as a teacher using Humane Education in the Public School setting.

In response to students torturing frogs down by the river, I wanted to instill in my students a high level of respect, responsibility, and love for all life. When the administrators prevented me at every step of the way, it became obvious; this was a well-protected killing machine. It also became obvious, this is the un-written history of our world!

Frank and Mary of http://all-creatures.org have realized this for quite some time as well. We are now very excited to join efforts and put forth this important web site with strategies, ideas, and hopes for saving the world through honesty with our loved ones. This is a movement structured around our youth, the truth, and positive change. Children are the transmission of society.

I told my students the truth, and I discovered how easily they still see the world, as it is; but only if, they are made aware of it. I saw how beautiful today’s youth responds, when equipped with the knowledge that they can have a better world. In my direct experiences, I learned much about today’s youth.

Today’s youth are more in touch with reality, than their parents, who were indoctrinated into a violent society that views other beings as mere commodities. As children become aware of the truth, they come into their own, and invariably choose a Vegan diet and lifestyle.

Today’s youth cares deeply, not just for themselves and each other, but also, for all beings. As soon as they see we care enough to be honest, reality opens up and truly prepares students to acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and commitment to living ethically, sustainably, and peaceably on this planet. “The goal of life is living in agreement with nature” [1] Respectful people do not pick or choose as they wish what to be respectful of. They have no choice but to respect everything

Today’s youth want to examine the challenges facing our planet, from human oppression and animal exploitation to materialism and ecological degradation. This is their world and they do want to know, and they do care greatly.

Today’s youth want to live with compassion and respect for everyone: not just our friends and neighbors, but all people. Not just our own dogs and cats, but all animals. Not just our own homes, but also, the earth itself, our ultimate home.

Today’s youth are a generation that cares, that realizes that what we do matters, not just to ourselves but also to everyone our lives touch. Today’s youth are a generation that understands the connections between both, our personal and cultural choices, and the fate of other people, other species, and the Earth.

Today’s youth has shown how smart they are by discerning fact from opinion and resisting forms of manipulation, whether from advertising, media, peers, or social norms.

Today’s youth possesses both, the passion for, and the commitment to, bringing about positive change. Unfortunately, today’s society is resistant to change. “How can I teach your children gentleness and mercy to the weak, and reverence for life, which in its nakedness and excess, is still a gleam of God’s omnipotence, when by your laws, your actions and your speech, you contradict the very things I teach?” [2]

Silence is complicity. Truth is destiny, for, we see, man has evolved and linked all knowledge with the internet. We saw the birth of the information age coincide with the birth of our children. This is their time and everything will be all right if we can be honest with our loved ones. Today’s youth need to know that, “[n]on-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages”. [3] Today’s youth may never know if we do not care enough to let them know.

Today’s youth deserve to know the truth about their food and their actions. We can change the future, right here, right now, by showing our youth we care, by telling them the truth. Telling the truth may seem difficult at first; but, it gets easier - and the good vibes become addictive! Do not let others convince you, these matters are a personal choice. It takes courage to speak the truth. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.” [4] In addition, each one of us possesses the ability to change the world if we care enough. And with that realization and action we can have the future here and now, for, “[t]he future has a way of arriving unannounced”. [5] The truth shall set us free.

Today’s youth have real respect, responsibility, and reverence for life. Today’s youth want to take responsibility for creating a better world. After all, someone has to. Through great acts, come greater things. Tell youth the truth!

1] Zeno
2] Longfellow
3] Thomas Edison
4] Einstein
5] George Will

Mary and Frank Hoffman Mary and Frank Hoffman

For many years we have been working to find ways to instill a sense of compassionate living into people's hearts and minds, and in turn, into our society.  And we knew that our future hope rested in the compassionate hearts and souls of our youth.  Our association with Dave Warwak has led us to begin this campaign to Tell Youth the Truth.

We have seen how the hardness of heart of our society's ways has led to an indifference to the suffering of many of our fellow human beings, the other animals, and the world in which we all live.

During our time in prison ministry, we had the opportunity to interview over five hundred inmates, many of whom were young violent offenders.  We asked each one if he heard that silent inner voice telling him not to do what he did that landed him in prison, and every one of them told us, Yes!  This means that they really understood the truth, but because of the violent ways of society, they chose to continue in their evil behavior; and it also means that we can prevent most of this by exposing our youth to the truth from the time they are just beginning to learn.

When we started our internet ministry in 1998, we quickly found out that the youth of this world wanted to know the truth and thanked us for exposing them to it.  They also expressed their frustration at being told so many lies as they were growing up.

The youth of this world can and will make a positive change in our world, if we are willing to Tell Our Youth the Truth!