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Though I speak, my grief is not assuaged: and though I forebear, what am I eased?
Job 16:6

I think I may have lost an old friend a couple of weeks ago.  She is a middle-class, conscientious person who does so many kind things and keeps her personal things and living space so pristine!  I didn’t mean to “point the finger” at her, but maybe she took what I said personally. 

I don’t know how it is with you, but in my “world,” I  have only one friend I can talk to about how badly I grieve over what is happening to this earth and to the animals – and I can’t discuss many details with him because they are to hurtful to him.  Otherwise, my world is filled with people who, for whatever reasons, just “don’t want to talk about it.”  They do rapidly distance themselves from someone who “brings things up.”  They want to keep their backs turned the other way. 

What I told my old friend, who is perhaps not my friend anymore, is that I cannot understand how people can claim to really love God when they seem absolutely indifferent to the destruction that is going on to this planet.  We all participate in that pollution and destruction because of the cultures we have to live in and that, contrary to other animals, we need clothing, man-made shelter, and all sorts of other “stuff” just to get along and survive.  But, indifferent people seem to not want to bother thinking about or changing what they are doing to keep our pollution to a minimum.  I also do not understand how people can claim to have the love of Jesus in their heart when they are apathetic to the suffering of animals at the hand of man, and do participate in that through their purchasing choices.  I find it incomprehensible that “decent” people are apparently so uncaring  that the horrible suffering of millions of animals EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY makes no impression on them whatsoever.  Personally, I can’t handle all that.  Where are there those who I can grieve with?  Who I can really talk to about it, and they talk to me? 

Masses of people turned their backs away when millions of Jews, Russians, Christians, Gypsies, and others were slaughtered during the Halocaust.  Masses of “sophisticated” people turned their backs for years and years while African people suffered terribly after being kidnapped and boated across the ocean into slavery.  In this country, more so-called “decent” people were unthinkably cruel to the American Indians, from whom they stole this land. 

How can thinking, feeling human beings who know about such unimaginably horrendous happenings to sensible, feeling creatures not hurt over it all?  Not have empathy and compassion?  Not want to do whatever they can to help the victims?  Whine and be evasive whenever someone brings up changes they could make which would help. 

Well, I may have lost my old friend, who is a faithful church-going Christian and a well-meaning person in so many ways.  I told my other friend what I had said to her, and he said, “But, she will think about it.” 

Do you often find others do not want to talk about what you feel so deeply about?  Do you find they then don’t want to be around you anymore because you might talk about the animals’ plight?  Do you find yourself corrected in that you are not to “criticize other people?”  Are you told that people have a right to think and do as they choose?  So what if they have unhealthy diets, which cause degenerative diseases and a lot of pharmaceutical prescription ingesting, which does not disappear, but goes into the environment to cause deformities in little frogs and other wildlife.  They don’t seem to care.  They don’t want to “connect the dots” in so many ways.  They don’t want to be informed about cause and effect, especially if it would affect them and their lives.  

Well, I care!  But, it is difficult to know how to approach people about the environment and the animals, or even their own health.  So, most of the time I say nothing about all these things to them, because all I seem to accomplish is ill will and ostracism if I do.  So, for lack of what better to do, I end up PLAYING THE GAME of fitting in to whatever they seem to be “into” when I am with others, which isn’t often anymore.   I try to be up-beat, friendly, and thoughtful, caring and considerate, which we should all be.  But, I get tired of not being able to be myself and of having to bear all this constant, crushing grief pretty much alone in it.  I feel like a mother who loves all the animals with all my heart, and can’t stop hurting as long as they are hurting. 

Please know that, yes, the animals are hurting terribly, but ALSO the people who love them are hurting terribly too, and need the company and comforting of others, of like mind and heart,  just as badly.  Blessed are the individuals who do give time and thought beyond themselves, and do care for the earth and the animals.  If this planet and these lives are to be saved, it will be because of them. 

Dr. Joyce The Caring Heart Copyright 2012

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