WHO WILL HEAR MY GRIEF? - Readers' Comments
From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

By Nia - 27 May 2012

Welcome back to the group Karen! Not only "may" God bless you, but I can attest that God "will" bless you for striving to bring your faith full circle in sparing his creation! Just be on the lookout for his inspiration and little messages in coming days:) You will reap the benefits of your choice to take on his holy virtue in recognizing his face in ALL of his creation and putting forth the compassion that he persistently offers to us and calls on us to embrace! I know because he has done it for me:) I have much more peace in my life now, and it has proved pretty hard for others and hard times to brake, unlike before. I feel it's something no one and nothing can take from me and that means everything in the world to me:) It has not only further completed the person that I am, but opened my eyes to so many things I blindly took for granted in the past. I understand God's message so much more now than ever. I am not a "fundamentalist" so to speak, but this is not important to me. As long as I fully understand and reflect that image God made for me, I know that I'm on the right path. I think that political views are just that and need not separate us (I know you can agree that they surely have no place before God), I also think we can agree that politics should serve the people and not vice versa. You may be fundamentalist, but there are others in this group who are of different religions, so your "difference" is really quite subdued in the face of that. I live by the principle "come as you are", so-called imperfections/weaknesses, stubbornness, shame, quirks, different ideas and all(I know I have!); because we all have something much more meaningful to contribute to - God's will:) Your vegetarian way of life - Off and on since 14 and now 57... I would assume that you have a powerful calling that needs to be addressed, it is in you and you obviously can't escape it. Is it God given? Judging by the nature of it, I would say YES! Also, "judge" is obviously the best translation they could give for the original word in the Bible; certainly we are called upon to use our judgment again and again by God (we have ten commandments, many tests, several parables and various messages for that very purpose); and the judgement that we are warned against is that of inflicting punishment (for lack of a better term). In my humble opinion the word "Preachy" is a term loosely used for information that no one wants to hear...and yes it is as associated with Christians as it is vegetarians/vegans (Boy, I got a double whammy as far as this one! No wonder I'm SO unpopular!). At least we can know that there are others out there who understand us on the most important matters:) Again, welcome back!!! 

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