WHO WILL HEAR MY GRIEF? - Readers' Comments
From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

By Blair - 26 May 2012

Your post is sad Barbara and the heartache is very real. It is so hard to go out without those images of torture and suffering burdening your brain and heart. It seems to me your co-workers are just trying to get a rise out of you only to make themselves feel better about the harsh realities you bravely speak about.

You have every right to be happy and to celebrate your lifestyle and compassionate choices. For me, finding out about animal suffering has really helped me grow as a person and to change my whole outlook on life. I am now grateful, appreciative, giving, generous, loving, humble, kind and understanding.

Barbara, we are lucky to be human beings who desperately want to help end the suffering. This means we are angels of the earth and our sadness is really a bright light that shines all throughout the universe. When we cry for others a star shines brighter. I love you Barbara and I know you will get through this.

Do not let your inner pain cost you your health and happiness.


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