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From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

By Nia - 26 May 2012

It is extremely difficult to find local or come across other vegans in person - especially Christian vegans - especially in places like the office. I lived in NYC my entire life up until 2 years ago when I moved away, and the only places I met other vegans of different faiths or non-faith while in NYC was when I went to a vegetarian restaurant or did my volunteer work - and this is in the East Village!

If you have a hard time meeting them there, well, that pretty much points out how challenging it must be in other places - but alas, they can be found! Otherwise the vegetarian restaurants would go out of business! And regardless of what many think, the majority of permanent vegetarians do so for the animals:) However, over the last six years of living in NYC, I was lucky enough to live across the hall from two vegan Seventh Day Adventists (both foreign and living in an impoverished area of Brooklyn)who went vegan because they felt it was their God given duty and admitted that it served God's will of practicing compassion as well:)

They truly were a blessing, not only to this planet, but to me! They will forever hold a very significant place in my heart and have made an everlasting impression on my soul! I feel that I was very fortunate to meet them and I feel that I have made a terrible mistake by moving away from them as they were truly an anomaly:( I know how lonely it can be; we truly need each other. Most people in our lifetime will have difficulty accepting us because we are forward thinking and acting. It's so strange how I met my vegan husband through a non-vegetarian friend - so don't give up! I am 37 (met my husband at 35) and I truly was not interested in meeting a man or ever getting married - just not interested - until I met my current Godsend:)

Yet, I still feel lonely (we feel lonely), because now we have no other veg friends. It's like it's my husband and I against everyone we know. I have found a worldwide vegan social website with a lot of members all around the globe: http://www.volentia.com/ I think it's a great resource for bringing local vegan people together. They list all kinds of groups like: Bay Area vegans, Houston Vegans, etc. - you never know who you might meet or who they might know:) You can always arrange to meet people while bringing a friend along; just don't mention that it's for the purpose of meeting another vegan.

I am currently in the process of setting up a new life and moving around, so most vegan people I've been talking to have been online as well. I will soon move to Berlin, where there is a thriving animal rights community, believe it or not, and hopefully I will get to spend some time with them:) If you ever want to speak to another fellow Christian Vegan, just let me know:)

The more you reach out, the more you find - good luck:)


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