WHO WILL HEAR MY GRIEF? - Readers' Comments
From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

By Nia - 26 May 2012

In reference to Comments By Blair - 26 May 2012

I feel exactly as you do Blair. I've long struggled putting up with the "Oh, yes - But, of course!" from my family only to be followed by the continued cruel irony that rules their lives. This has stopped me from spending the holidays with them and caused me to be very weary when I do visit them. They truly feel they are doing a justified thing, even when they base it on proclamations such as "I love meat way too much to give it up"; in addition to the reason that much of it is based on being accepted by others.

I have tried a very long time to sit silently at the table as they carve up tortured and defiled animals, while basking in the false glory of the cut, origin and price of a once living, innocent and emotional creature! It is so surreal and disturbing to me that I experience a sort of "trauma" every time I encounter it; I have shuttering flashbacks long after the visits and an increasing subliminal tendency pushing me towards a form of detachment from the very people that I share a blood, moral upbringing and cultural relationship with. As wrong as it may sound, I feel no guilt, because it seems only natural, being that I don't want to be around such callousness and negative events.

It does not make for a feeling of "Christmas", "Easter", "Thanksgiving", "Independence Day", etc. for it makes a mockery of all the supposed blessings or virtues those days stand for. They might say "But, they are just animals!"; yet, they should remember that people held the equal and exact sentiment when they declared just as strongly and self assuredly: "But, they're just slaves (or coloreds)!" not too long ago - no one wanted to admit that these beings (whether they believed that they were of the same "value" of everyone else or not) were worthy of equal rights or considerations for different reasons (they even went as far as believing that they possessed no soul to justify their use); so, how different is this from what we subject other living and emotional beings to, just to serve our own uses?

This is unpleasant, hard to swallow, painfully ugly truth and may only be one of many supporting examples behind the fact that the way we treat these animals is simply wrong, and it can only be merely attempted to cover this up - it does not change the undeniable reality. 

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