Something So Special: Poems and Inspiration Series
By Dr. Joyce at The Caring Heart from Spokane Washington

Lives being lived entwined together

Locked in a circle of love forever

Warmth and gladness spread far and wide

Smiles and laughter light up sparkling eyes

All that is longed for is more of the same

Endless days stretching far ahead

Flowing on as two and yet one

In a dance always new and fresh

Yet filled with softness as strong as steel

Come, let us keep creating adventure so rich

Caring that is rock secure

All that I want is to grow on with you

To become, more and more, two hearts

Beating side by side

Much more able to be our Fatherís pride

Canít find any top or bottom or sides

To this love that ripples out goodness and life

To all it affects

Resounding out into and changing the universe

What greater wonder could there be

Than the life and love lived by you and me?

Dr. Joyce Copyright 2007

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