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"For thou has been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat, when the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm against the wall.”  (Isaiah 25:4)

The first of each month - payday – is always a mentally and emotionally agonizing time for me.  Each mail day I receive an average of six letters from animal rescues, animal rights organizations, and those trying to protect animals’ habitats.  In any week, then, I will have received approximately three dozen requests for my money.  What is so agonizing is that I have to choose which needy organizations to mail my monthly donations to.  I know I always have to balance my finances to take care of US at home, so I am limited as to how much money I can donate each month.  When I choose the two or three I will send checks to, I know all the other so valuable, so needy rescues will be getting nothing from me.  I have too many favorites!  I do rotate.  I hope that enough other folks will be sending money to all who need it so badly.  It hurts to set aside letters from animals’ angels who are pleading for financial help. 

These animals’ faithful angels are my champions.  They are literally giving their lives to help – their time, their effort, their intelligence their “guts.”  To me, what is so amazing is that so many leaders of rescues keep scores of animals ongoing, and make long trips out to rescue more, all without any more financial security than the good will of enough people!  I have heard people say that they do not donate to animal causes because the organizations could be fraudulent, and using the money to enhance themselves and not the animals.  Perhaps a minority are dishonest, but I’m convinced most are very honest and hard working.  There are legitimate agencies who inspect and rate charitable organizations, and rescues are eager to publicize excellent ratings of their work and their business practices.  Many are all volunteer agencies.  Nobody gets a paycheck. 

Managing an animal rescue must be very hard work, very stressful, very anxiety and grief producing, and not for the “faint of heart.”  So many things can and do go wrong.  Equipment can break down.  Trucks and trailers can wear out.  Drought can cause hay prices to “go through the roof.”  Volunteers can quit and be very hard to replace.  Fencing may need repairing or replacing.  With expansion, more land and buildings may be needed.  All very expensive!

I have read about situations where rescues have received calls to make a trip out to some site and rescue, say, six animals.  But, when they get to the site, they find two or three dozen who need immediate help, who are emaciated and starving, sick, and/or injured.  Too many need immediate vet care and nursing.  And then there are often the bodies of the animals who have already died, which are incredibly heartbreaking for faithful angels to look at and know about. 

Most of the animals who need life-saving help do so because of the neglect and/or abuse by humans.  To me, it is unfathomable how cruel human “monsters” can be to beautiful, innocent, precious animals.  For example, people pay to view a beautiful, healthy horse being shoved into a ring blindfolded, with a mad bull in there, who proceeds to charge the horse and gore the horse’s intestines right out of its belly, so the intestines are hanging a foot or two down from the stomach.  To me, it takes insane, devil-inspired monsters to engage in such total torture.  Another example of horrible horse abuse, which people also pay to watch, is horse tripping.  A strong, healthy horse is pushed into a round pen.  The horse is forced to gallop as fast as he or she can.  At top horse speed, a stout rope is pulled taut, violently tripping the galloping horse.  Some horses are killed, others are very badly injured.  No vet care is offered, of course. 

My point here is that animal rescuing faithful angels witness absolutely terrible o HOW CAN THEY HANDLE ALL THAT?  I couldn’t.  I can hardly stand to read about all that.  These happenings make me upset, angry, desperate to help, and grieving.  Terrible pain to those I love!  Rescuers must be very strong personalities.  The real joy comes when faithful angels see rescued animals thriving once again, ready to live long, happy lives, making all the effort worth it. 

Many horse advocacy organizations mail out petitions for concerned citizens to sign, objecting to very harmful horse conditions.  These petitions are then delivered to the appropriate government leaders.  Heavy, expensive, and long-term legal battles are engaged in relentlessly.  For example, during 2012-2013, Front Range Equine Rescue stopped the opening of new U.S. horse slaughter houses.

I hope my message here is convincing you readers out there that animal rescues need our money, otherwise they can’t do their job.  With no money, there will be no food, no hoof trimmings, no inoculation’s, and no vet services.  The animals will die from starvation, sickness, and/or injury.  THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE!

Moreover, when we send them our money, we are also sending them the message that we believe the work they are doing is important.  We are telling them we are behind them – that we’ve “got their backs.”  We are validating them and being there with them as their friends!  Precious! Being “there” for them takes so much stress off.

I wish I could donate more money.  If I could find a part-time job I could do at home, I would promptly go to work, to send more money to desperate rescues.  (I am 80, retired, and have my own animals to care for.)  From what I have observed about our culture and peoples, most believe in HOMOCENTRISM, which is the orientation and belief that mankind is the center of everything, and the most important.  Animals have little importance really, and are there to be used and exploited.  I have heard Christians state that God made the animals so people could eat ‘em.   Most people in our culture seem to want to be into “their own thing.” 

I earnestly hope that many of you reading this already do donate what you can to animal concern agencies regularly.  If so, I wholeheartedly thank you.  If you have not started giving yet, would you please thoughtfully consider sending off some discretionary moneys you have?  Are household moneys being spent for things that are really not THAT important?  Would saving an animal’s life be MORE important? 

In 1875, Priest Pere’ Armand David wrote, “It is unbelievable that the Creator could have placed so many diverse organisms on the earth, each one so admirable in its sphere, so perfect in its role, only to permit man, His masterpiece, TO DESTROY THEM FOREVER.”


Copyright 2016 Dr. Joyce The Caring Heart

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