The American Holocaust Against The Animals - Article Series From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

“And I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brethren….Therefore pray not for this people, neither lift up prayer or cry for them, neither make intercession to me, for I will not hear thee.” (Jeremiah 7:15-16)

In the Bible verse above, the prophet Jeremiah is talking about God’s judgment of the people Israel. He was definitely not happy with them, nor is he happy with the cruel way billions of farm animals are raised for food every year. Every minute, 14,000 chickens are slaughtered. Surely God loves them very much, too, and abhors the unthinkable suffering going on all the time, every second any beings are alive, including us humans.

Yes, there is massive abuse and torture of the egg-laying variety of chicken in the huge henhouse sheds all over the country. But the carnage begins before we even get to the hens. Good egg-laying varieties of chickens are not good for developing people-eating meat. Therefore, the cute little fuzz-ball male chicks that are hatched are of no use to the egg industry, except for the few that are kept to become egg-fertilizing roosters. So, very soon after being hatched into their new life, about 260 million precious, beautiful, energetic, enthusiastic male chicks are killed by throwing them into spinning grinders (mascerators) alive, by being sucked through a series of pipes onto electric plates, or by being gassed -every year.

Egg-laying hens are among the most abused of farm animals. In 2007, 280 million hens laid 77,3 billion eggs. Are those hens slaves? You bet!! No creatures could be more cruelly enslaved. Hens are mutilated by having their beaks cut short, confined in spaces smaller than a piece of 8 by 11 inch paper, and deprived of sufficient food and water at times (called forced molting) to increase egg yield. They have no natural chicken life. These very social animals cannot socialize, or see the sun or sky, or peck the grass for bugs, or do anything chickens naturally do except eat, drink, defecate, and lay eggs.

Most egg layers(90%) are still housed in battery cages, which are heaped on top of each other in incredibly long sheds. Each hen has 67 to 76 inches of living space. She cannot walk around, or hardly move, or lift a single wing, although she has a wingspan of 36 inches. She is continually defecated on by those above her, Her muscles and bones deteriorate, Her feet become lacerated from standing on the wire mesh and her toes can get caught in the mesh. If she can’t get them loose, she either dies where she is trapped, or tears her skin to get them free. Their spinal cords deteriorate and they become paralyzed. They actually go insane. They then die from dehydration in their cages. The factory farm folks call this syndrome “cage fatigue.” (I call it demented cruelty on the part of the farm factory CEOs.) Hens who die are often left in their cages, so live birds art forced to stand on the mummified corpses of their cage mates, which makes them sick. Of course, the hens are fed hormones for increased egg production and antibiotics regularly to combat the extremely unsanitary environment. The stench of ammonia and feces permeates the air, and disease runs rampant. Chickens are normally very clean animals. The sheds are cramped and filthy.

This living hell of their lives lasts about one or two years for each hen, until her egg laying starts to drop off. Then, they are ripped from their cages, tens of millions suffering more broken bones in the process. They are called “spent hens,” because their poor bodies are absolutely exhausted, broken, and bruised, making their meat not good for anything except maybe pet food. Demand for spent hens has decreased, and so hens still surviving it all have been observed crawling out from underneath piles of chicken carcasses in landfills. (Can things get any uglier or depraved, folks?)

In the supermarkets, one can buy eggs from “cage-free hens,” which supposedly gives them better lives. Well, reports say it is a little better situation debatably, but other serious problems for the hens emerge. They may not be in cages, but there can be hundreds of thousands of hens on the floor of a huge shed. Each hen has so little space to move around that they peck each other, walk on each other, injure each other, and kill each other. It is pathetic! The floor is, of course, covered in feces, so they live in their own waste and the waste of thousands of others. (How clean can the eggs really be in these conditions? UGH!) Here again, the air is bad, disease is rampant, and the dead just lie their amongst the living.

Have you ever watched the DVD “Food Inc”? This film shows the deplorable states of not only the chickens, but of the factory farmers themselves. Huge agri-corporations like Monsanto call all the shots and the chicken farmers, themselves, work very hard, earn very little money, and become more and more indebted to the big corporations for birds, feed, and money for improvements demanded by the corporations. The whole emphasis is on increased profits, and not the chickens’ welfare - such a sorry state of affairs for all except the rich CEOs.

President Trump’s well-publicized campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” Well here, with the chickens, would be the place to start., Right now, the slogan should be “Shame, shame on America!” I served as a signature gatherer for the Humane Society Of The United States several years ago. We volunteers went to various places and set up to ask people for their signatures against battery cages for egg-laying hens. It was a financially expensive program. We spent many days, tried long and hard, and were able to obtain the desired quota of signatures across the state of Washington. Extremely regrettably and saddening, the HSUS let us and the hens down by siding with the egg industry people. On with the battery ages! The hens were left off as bad as ever. (I do not contribute to the HSUS anymore.)

Folks, please think about what more YOU can do to help our wonderful chickens. For me, I gladly eat soy, peas, and bean dishes, or whatever for what little bit I can spare them. Thank you for your attention.

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