The American Holocaust Against The Animals - Article Series From The Caring Heart with Dr. Joyce from Spokane Washington

“Put on therefore as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness, of mind, meekness long-suffering.” (Col. 3:12).

Wow! If anybody in this world needs tons of mercy, birds surely do! Their basic problem is that their flesh and their eggs taste SO GOOD for humans to eat. “Mm-umm how delicious that tastes,” prepared in thousands of different ways. In the US, almost ten times more birds are raised and slaughtered than any other animal. Eight billion were killed for meat and 300 million for eggs during one recent year. These included chickens for their meat, egg-laying hens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. These birds are the animals who are the most in need of protection and help because there are so many of them, and because they are excluded from any federal animal protection laws.

Have you ever wondered what a natural, non-genetically altered chicken is like? Well, lots of careful research has shown that they are very social, very curious, and surprisingly intelligent animals. They are excellent mothers for their chicks. Chickens out-perform Dogs and cats on tests of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral complexity. Dr. Jane Goodall maintains that farm animals, including chickens, are far more intelligent than we ever imagined. They feel pleasure, sadness, excitement, resentment, depression, fear, and pain. According to Scientific American report, chickens’ communication skills are on a par with primates. They can solve problems calling upon prior experiences. They have been observed to empathize with others. University of Bristol researcher Christine Nicol maintains chicks can exercise self-control, and perform basic arithmetic and structural engineering within days of hatching, exceeding the skills of human toddlers, whose brains mature relatively slowly. Chickens have skills once believed to be unique to humans and other primates. They can anticipate the future, and can practice self-restraint in hopes of future rewards. They can recognize over 100 individual faces even after months of separation. Prof. Murray Shanahan, of the Imperial College of London, reported that “Birds have been shown to be remarkably intelligent in a similar way to mammals such as humans and monkeys.” They are unique individuals in their own right, marvelous sentient persons, totally deserving of respect and admiration.

Similar to all other species, chickens have their repertoire of natural preferences and inborn behaviors with which to live their lives in healthy, productive, and self-satisfying ways. They are very inclined to perch, or roost. They are interested in exploring their environments and foraging for food. They lie in the sun and love to take dust baths. Of course, they love each others’ company. In the deplorable factory farming situations, every natural desire is frustrated and denied. Their lives are categorized by unmitigated mental, emotional, and physical suffering until they die in more horrible pain.


Chickens raised for meat, called broiler chickens weighed in at 36.8 billion pounds in 2013. Through selective breeding, genetic manipulation, low dose antibiotics, excessive feeding, and inadequate exercise, in six weeks, they can weigh five pounds. They grow abnormally quickly and disproportionately. To meet market demands, their breasts grow huge, while their skeletons and organs lag behind. They often suffer physical problems caused by genetic manipulation, including heart failure, breathing troubles, leg weakness, and chronic pain. Their hearts and lungs are not able to get enough oxygen throughout their bodies. Blindness can result. Because their legs have not had time to grow strong through calcium absorption, and their huge breasts are so heavy, their legs can break on them as they walk around. (How would you and I like to try to get to needed food and water by walking on agonizingly painful broken legs?) Dead birds (and there are millions) are often left in with the live birds, creating even greater unhygienic conditions.)

Factory farming broiler chickens are raised in long, long sheds the size of two football fields. There may be 22,000 birds in each shed. While there may be some kind of bedding on the floor, such as wood chips, the birds do live in their own wastes, and the uncleaned floors may be covered with the wastes of tens of thousands of chickens. Although some farms circulate the air, and high ammonia levels burn and irritate the chickens’ eyes, throats, and skin. The lights are kept on in the sheds almost all the time, to keep the birds eating almost nonstop, so they are chronically very sleep deprived. They see no sun, or green grass, or sky. In order to keep the birds from pecking and killing each other, due to their over-crowding, their beaks are usually cut off shorter, or burned off, extremely painful mutilations. A significant proportion die during the process. Also, due to the extreme over-crowding, birds have to step all over each other, causing sores and bruising. Because the grain they have been fed has been sprayed with pesticides, these harmful chemicals migrate into their meat, which people then eat, Also, a 2000 study found that 55% of supermarket chickens contained arsenic, which causes cancer in humans. The arsenic supposedly promotes chickens’ growth.

At 42 days, big enough for slaughter, birds are hauled off to slaughter, still “peeping” the sounds they made as young chicks. They are exempt from The Humane Slaughter Act, so there are no restrictions against cruelty, and farmers can handle them any way they see fit. The idea is to render all birds unconscious through electrical stunning, or controlled atmosphere stunning (CAS), which is a mixture of inert gasses – nitrogen and argon – or a concentration of carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, stunning does not always work, and birds are sliced up fully conscious, or thrown in boiling water with their eyes open, boiled alive. 90% of US chickens are infected with chicken cancer, leucosis, at the time of slaughter.

Extremely alarming practices were exposed in a study of a Tyson Foods farm, which supplies chicken for McDonald’s “Chicken McNuggets.” Horrific brutality included birds beaten, crammed in filthy sheds, stabbed to death with nails attached to makeshift clubs. All sick or injured birds, and those judged to be too small to be profitable, are beaten or stabbed to death. Callous farm workers step on their heads and break their necks. Those who survive are grabbed up by their legs and thrown into crates and sent off to slaughter. Others are thrown into buckets to slowly and agonizingly die. Every year, McNugget suppliers get by with torturing millions of birds to death. (How could anyone still want to buy and eat a Chicken McNugget?)

Broiler chickens are faster growing and heavier than they were years ago, with those huge breasts, which provide all that “oh-so-desirable” white meat. My word! Chicken is made into countless food items and recipes. Supermarket chickens contain twice the fat, and about a third less protein than they did forty years ago.

Most people have little or no idea the massive suffering chickens go through to end up on their plates. They are victims of massive atrocity, to feed the affluent humans of this planet. What does all this indicate about us humans, when only a minority really care what happens to such sensitive, fine birds? There are some workers who even gleefully brutalize, most people are serious about being indifferent, and the few (including me) who are deeply sickened by such barbarian treatment. By being serious about being indifferent, I mean those who do know about the incredible cruelty, but choose to ignore it because (1.) they want to keep eating what they have learned to enjoy, (2.) making food changes takes time, thought, and effort, and (3.) they want to keep fitting in with the significant others in their lives who eat animal products freely. They don’t want to “go against the grain,” and open the door to criticism, being made fun of, or being ostrasized. Finally, there are those people who truly have not been informed as to the suffering going on, and, of course, should be fully informed.

Please, pray for mercy for intelligent, social, and beautiful chickens who never know their mother, who never see the sun, and who know agonizing misery all their lives caused by the human creatures who will eat them. What about morals? Who is more morally correct – the monster humans or the kindly chickens? Who, in the end, is more Christ-like?

Please don’t buy them or eat them. Please don’t keep those heinous industries going with your dollars. Please be a good example of kindness to others.

Thank you!

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