Wisdom beyond knowledge
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By Indira Lahiri, Founder of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, on This Dish Is Veg
April 2012

wisdom, knowledge, sentience, sanctuary

The old red cow rolls dreamily through the pasture, her benign gaze lingering on spry calfs cavorting in circles nearby. She lays her arthritic body on the cool ground as regally as a queen lowering herself onto her throne. Reclining in the sunshine, she soaks in the peace.

A small long-haired, long horned cow meanders over and settles in next to her. In tandem, they breathe slowly and deeply. They are content in their eternal now, secure in the knowledge that harmonious, all-encompassing love, the Great Truth known to all bovines, reigns here at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

The Grand Dame does not focus on others times and other places of her life, where love was not allowed to reign. She’s been a mother many times over, and many times over her calfs were taken from her. And yet she doesn’t hold on to those memories. She is content simply sending light to those times and places whenever they flicker through her consciousness. With love, but without effort or thought, her breath itself is a prayer for her lost babies and the blindness that damages so many.

She holds no fear and no blame. She does not seek vengeance. She is beyond the surface labels of right and wrong.

The sage Grand Dame holds ancient memories of the Light that all beings come from. With a wisdom beyond knowledge, she understands that we are One. Our actions towards each other, ultimately, are our actions towards ourselves. She feels compassion, yet also understands that each of us, a ray of light in earthly form, is on our own path. We will each return to our true nature in due time.

Vast numbers of her brethren, bovine and otherwise, are mistreated each day. Each one of them is a sacred being, a ray of Divine Light. And yet, because we are all rays of the same light, inextricably linked, she recognizes that through her liberation they are also freed. Through her life and in her light, they live. She breathes and prays and loves and feels joy that they may also partake.

As this knowledge-without-thought vibrates beyond her consciousness, the frolicking youngsters and warm sunlight are the manifestation of truth. In this sanctuary love reigns.

That is all she needs to know. 

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