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November 2009

We don't get to share too many happy stories with you here at Pet-Abuse.Com, so we wanted to make sure we included this one.

We're thrilled to announce a new member of the family. Meet Dory (named after the character in Finding Nemo), an itty bitty kitty that we found inured, abandoned and starving in a parking lot just a few weeks ago.

The photo above is Dory the night we rescued her.

It took three hours to catch her - she was terrified, but eventually her empty belly prevailed over her fear. (I honestly can't believe the police were not called on me - I must have looked like a lunatic, laying on my tummy in a parking lot for three hours, meowing at the bushes. Anyone who didn't know there was a kitten in there must have thought I was bonkers.)

We brought her home, cleaned her up and fed her. A visit to the vet confirmed what we suspected - Dory had suffered an injury to her tail, likely a bite wound of some kind, and maggots were slowly eating away at her tail. We picked them out one by one, and the vet clipped off the bone that was exposed. She weighed just over a pound.

After a few weeks of as much food as she would eat and a solid dose of flea treatment, Dory is happy and healthy and growing like a weed, weighing in at an impressive four pounds. Her tail has healed up beautifully, and she is active, playful and exploring her new home.

Below is a photo of Dory last week, gearing up to pounce on the photographer.


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