Stanley, An Easter Lamb
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From The Gentle Barn Foundation

At the place where "Stanley" the lamb was born, he was a teaching tool used to show students how to work with animals. By the time he was two months old, he had his tail docked, he was neutered, he was tagged through his ear and his horns were removed.

And the final and worst injury was to be taken from his mom and brother forever, with no warning, at only eight weeks of age.


According to one of the students, who became attached to Stanley, he was headed for auction. When the student called us to take Stanley in, we agreed.

Little Stanley was understandably depressed and stressed out when he first arrived, but after making friends with Josh the sheep and being surrounded by kind volunteers, Stanley is beginning to settle in.

After two weeks of quarantine and rehabilitation, Stanley joined the other animals in our barnyard today! Hooray! We are blown away by how Josh cared for Stanley while in quarantine. He has proven himself a true father figure and friend to Stanley. We are sure that it was healing for Josh as well, since he lost his mother and hasn't really connected with any of the other animals since.

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