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September 2013

Sally pig rescue sanctuaryMarji Beach, Education Director...

Every so often, the lucky nonhumans we save from unspeakable fates succumb to a cruel genetic quirk.

Sally saved herself from being butchered, breaking out of an urban San Jose yard before her abusers could cruelly cut her throat. Sally arrived at our Rescue Ranch adoption center in February of 2011, a sassy piglet with attitude.

Sally liked being the baby. She liked to be coddled and appreciated. In return, she would flop over for a belly rub or rush up to you as if meeting a long-lost friend. She could make you feel special.

Sally had an attitude about things. I remember trying to get another pig into the barn and Sally just came right up and nipped me in the butt! Just because. And when we introduced little Lucille, the new baby, to the herd, Sally would have none of it! It was the first time I saw Sally be a real jerk.

Itís okay to honor the beauty of another being and their pettiness too. Sallyís bad attitude made her bold and confident. Sallyís love of contact made her seek out physical touch with other pigs and people.

Sally died suddenly, probably of an aneurysm. By chance, her sudden collapse was witnessed by a caregiver and Sally died with a dear human friend by her side. Sally was only 2 and that is unfathomable, a life lived fully but cut short. Everyone who knew Sally will miss her.

Celeste De Santiago, Animal Caregiver...

Sally was one of my favorite pigs in the world. She was so sweet and curious, not to mention super adorable. Her best pig friend was Ruby, and more often then not, the two would nap snuggled up as close as can be, even on hot days. She really liked people.

Each time I entered the pasture, she would make her way over to me and ask for attention. Or, if she was laying down, and feeling too comfortable to get up, she would stretch out to ask for a big belly rub. In the past year, Iíve given her belly rubs whenever I had the chance. Sometimes she would be completely covered in mud from her adventures in the pond that day. Sometimes I would be in a rush to get work done. But whenever Sally rolled onto her side, so clearly just asking for a little bit of love, I could never resist.

I am very fortunate to have had all these beautiful moments with her, and only wish that they could have lasted for years and years more. She will be dearly missed.

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