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November 2010
I just came across your website and thought that I would send pictures of our family.

We have just over 20 babies. We have parrots, quail, finches, a bunny, a cat, a dog, ducks and chickens. (Photo - 03)


In one of the pictures, it looks like the dog is going after the duck - in really the dog is playing with the duck. They are the best of friends. Liz (the drake) often bites on Lady's (the dog) tongue and fur. Lady likes to chase Liz and try to catch him.  (Photo - 01)

I just brought some chickens up from hatchlings.


All of our animals live and co-exist together. There are some we keep apart (like the cat and the finches.) None of our animals are kept in cages. We have a room set aside for the finches, quail, and bunny. The parrots have access to this room but also can wander through the house via a series of branches and ropes strung up to make a birdy-highway. The ducks and chickens come inside the house as they please. (photo - 02)

Everyone sleeps in the house at night.

We love all of our babies and thought you should see.

Hello again!

Okay - here is a list of our family members:

Liz and Leesha - our ducks, Liz is a Cayuga drake and Leesha is a Blue Swede little girl duck.

Harry - double yellow headed amazon parrot Chipper - Harry's cockatiel friend Puca - Green cheek conure Robin - Peach face Lovebird Sadie - Green Indian Ring Neck

Here are photos of Cynthia the Norwegian Bunny.

5 chickens:

Cochin/Silkie chicken cross -
Flower - pretty rooster (had a stripe on his back when he was little so he is named after the skunk in the movie: Bambi)
Cinnamon and Paprika - the spice girls Old English Game Chickens -
Benjamin - the cockerel
Daisy - the pretty golden pullet (our dollop of sunshine)

(Photo - 20)  Flower
(Photo - 21)  Flower, Daisy and Liz
(Photo - 22)  Spice Girls: Cinnamon and Paprika
(Photo - 23)  Benji

Pharoah Quails:
Phoebe - the male
Reinitas - the three girls

Rosie and Marshall and
their 8 babies

Danny - the declawed and neutered male cat that adopted us in California and traveled all the way with us on the road to Georgia.

Lady - the female Black Lab that adopted us in Georgia Cynthia - our little Norwegian miniature rabbit

Sometimes I feel that we go through the house trying to keep peace. Harry is very jealous of Sadie. Puca is jealous of all of the chickens.

The dog and the cat haven't seen eye to eye yet - they are getting there.

None of the animals are in their cages unless they are going to the car. Even in the car, we have things set up for the animals.

I'll send some photos of our babies soon.

Yours truly,

Paula Bray
Cordele, Georgia

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