One Very McLucky Cow
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From Nancy Hanover of SPEAK Tucson
August 2009

This is an amazing update on the remarkable journey of a three month old calf that Nancy rescued way back in 1999. After rescuing McLucky, Nancy raised him for eleven months and then found what she thought would be a permanent home for him in Vacaville, California. Here is McLucky's story and a news update on his his present living situation in Nancy's own words.

The first time, almost a year had passed. When I approached the farm McLucky was resting in a pasture with another steer, sheep, goats, and a pig. He immediately stood up and headed towards me. Once I got to him, I hugged him for 20 minutes and he stood absolutely still for me.


I saw him two more times at that residence. Eventually, after many adventures: a flood where he saved other animals; a trip to the auction when a neighbor tried to sell him for profit; and a temporary home. He finally found a permanent home in Mississippi.

I went three years without seeing him before I was able to visit him at his new home. I approached him for the first time in a truck with his owner, Marcia Lane. I opened the door of the vehicle and called his name. He stopped eating, looked right at me and began walking in my direction. I started crying while calling his name and headed towards him. I threw my arms around his huge neck and bawled. His owner later told me that she'd never seen anything like it because he'd never responded that way to her.

Lucky survived it all. I've had the good fortune to visit him twice since that time and I'm pleased to report that he now responds to his owner and especially enjoys having the top of his head rubbed around the buds of his horn. He'll be ten years old this year and stands almost six feet tall at his back. He is so happy and loved and has lots of friends: two rescued horses, two donkeys, and five dogs.

Our sincerest appreciation to everyone who helped him financially get his start in life; all the SPEAK members who have loved him; and a special thanks to Maria for taking him in and devoting her life to rescuing animals.

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