To the Dying Mouse in my Garage
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By Dee Kidd, Tucson Wildlife Center April 2012

It is a beautiful morning outside. But in my garage, a slow death looms for one young mouse, undoubtedly a victim of poisoning.

Still alive, but accepts no food or water, I lean over to move his listless body and he finds strength to stand up but never opens his eyes. I put my hand down to stroke him, and to my surprise, he slowly attempts to crawl into it, snuggling into a little ball feeling my warmth.

I realized then, just how similar we all are in some form or another, no matter how great or small. Iím late for work, but will hold and comfort him until he passes.

It saddens me that he will never complete his natural cycle of life.  Ironically, all because he was inconvenient.

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