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Monty: We Didn't See This Coming

From Sandra Higgins, Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary
May 2022

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Cat Monty

On a sanctuary, we never know who will be next to lose their lives. Monty went for a routine checkup last month and he was absolutely fine. He was due for his routine heart scan this week and we couldn't find him.

Despite calling all day in the barn where he usually hangs out, there was no sign of him until Sany stumbled on him, right where we'd been calling. We knew he was ill. He was admitted to his vet, All Pets in Drogheda where 230mls of fluid was taken off his lungs.

Cat Monty

He made a fantastic recovery and this morning he was rolling on his back and purring so loudly that they found it difficult to hear his heart.

The staff at All Pets got him ready to go for his heart scan when he developed a clot in his leg. His prognosis was extremely poor. He didn't stand a chance.

We are devastated. From the day he arrived at Eden, when Sany found him as a soaking wet kitten in Slane, he has been an affectionate bundle of joy. He very quickly established himself as the boss of the cats until his heart condition affected him a few years ago. He's been doing so well on medication for at least four years.

We didn't see this coming. We are all flattened by how quickly his life was taken from him. 

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