Lucky, The One-Eyed, Three-Legged Cat
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From AnimalKind, Inc.
September 2009

Lucky, the three legged, one eyed cat (the founder of Animalkind, so to speak...) disappeared three years ago. One day he just was gone. Also there was a big fire across the street than and a lot of noise and commotion so we thought he got scared and hid for a while. He never came back.

I posted flyers for him, talked to the Waste Management if they saw him by the side of the road, posted him with the Humane Society and police and even called a pet psychic. I wandered the neighborhood with a flashlight for weeks, checking basements, thinking he may fell into something and couldn't get out, but no sight of him. I truly believed he was with the angels, also it always stirred me up not knowing what happened to him.

Three years later...

One of the artists who generously donate to our annual fundraiser "Art for Animals," Edward Avedisian, came to our adoption center to bring his artwork over. When we showed him all the beautiful rescues we home in our adoption center, he started talking about his cats and his love for them.

Within the conversation he mentioned that he has a black three legged, one eyed cat, he named "Champ." Champ showed up at his backyard three years ago! My heart fell and jumped in the same time. I told him Lucky's story and that I hope it would be him. I asked if I could come and visit to see if this is Lucky (although my heart knew). When I visited the next day, I cried. There was Lucky, happily sleeping under a bush in his backyard. They built a beautiful house for him and he was well cared for.


Lucky responded immediately! When I called him, he came and purred, rubbed his head and couldn't get enough attention-we both were sooo happy to see each other!

Edward was so kind and allow me to take Lucky home at last!

When he came home, he recognized all his old friends!! He kissed the dog and his furry friends and doesn't stop purring and dancing! He also doesn't leave the velvet pillow on the king size bed! Lucky truly lives up to his name!

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