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By Mike Shaw
December 2009

Just want to share this with you. Some of you may remember Lola, my blonde lab. A few years back she had cancer and at the time I was really strapped for money. One of our list members sent me the money to get her operation. They told me to stop thanking them, so I will not repeat it here... but, I am forever grateful.

My family broke up a couple years later. My ex took Lola with her. Lola also suffers from seizures. Well, last night my ex was away. She was in Toronto and we all live in London, Ontario. While my ex was away, Lola had another seizure. My daughter, Erika, called me and I went right over. London is a medium size city but the trip from my end of town to my ex's is about 25 minutes due to traffic.

By the time I got there, Lola was out of her seizure. I decide to stay and chat will Lola since I had not seen her for awhile. She is always happy to see me. When we all lived together, my ex and I had separate sleeping rooms. Lola always slept with me. Now we are apart and I miss her a lot.

Anyway, last night I sat on the couch with Lola. She was lying across the couch with her front legs across my lap and she was licking the side of my face. I was talking to her, non stop for about 20 minutes. All the time she was happy, her tongue hanging out and occasionally, well more than occasionally, licking my face.

Then I asked Lola if she remember Lucky, another dog I had, who died in 2005. We got Lola in 2002. So, she had about three years with Lucky.

When I asked her, she stopped licking... gazed straight ahead as though she was thinking, and then she started whimpering and crying... she looked so sad. I quickly changed the subject and in about 20 seconds she stopped crying and went back to licking my face.... I had never seen Lola do this before. There is no doubt in my mind that she had a memory. Since it has been four years since she saw Lucky, I think that is amazing.. And people say animals don't remember... NONSENSE!

Anyone how doubts that animals remember, please watch Gracie's Joy.

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