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From Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
January 2011


Most likely, she was destined to be an "ornament" for a business pond or lake and she fell off a transport truck. Another possibility is that she was to be used for a breeding program or hunting dog training. Waterfowl of all species are victims of these human-imposed cruelties.

Fortunately, Laurel was discovered by a compassionate and responsible person who brought her to the Greenwood Wildlife Center. Greenwood gave her an exam, treated her external wounds and called us.

Laurel will live out her life in peace and freedom here at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.

She spends her days floating on her pond with her friends, ducks and geese. They nibble on grass and grains and have an occasional treat of fresh produce or bread. at night Laurel settles into a nest of soft dry straw in a safe, warm barn.

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