Compassion in Korea for Beagles
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Beagle Freedom Project
March 2015

Ten laboratory beagles have been recently rescued in Seoul, South Korea and BFP is proud to be a partner in this newest push for freedom.

The ten Korean beagles are all boys about 6 years of age. They spent 5 years in a research laboratory and 7 of them are now living in a veterinary hospital during their recuperation. Some of the boys are on the shy side, but all incredibly sweet. A coalition of Korean animal protection groups have convinced the lab to retire these dogs and possibly no longer use any others!

Korean rescued beagles

Three Korean groups - People Defending Animals, Nabiya Cat Shelter, and Irion Animal Hospital have partnered with Beagle Freedom Project and we are happy to support their veterinary care, find them homes, and tell their stories. These sweet dogs are the lucky ones. Korea uses 8000 dogs a year in research and the vast majority will never get to know love and liberation. A special Beagle Freedom Korea page has been set up for future rescue news!

Korean rescued beagles

Beagle Freedom is going world-wide, from Europe to Australia, Brazil, India, and now Korea – activists are rescuing former “research” animals and telling their stories to bring awareness and scrutiny to the practice. In Korea we are honored to introduce you to Yudal, Tae Baek, Solak, So Baek, Juwang, Halla, Ggachi, Gaya, Dharma, and Geum Gan.

Please help us find them homes (in Korea), and continue to support our rescue, educational, and legislative efforts to replace animal-testing.

And don’t worry – there are more U.S. rescues to come… some have already been conducted and more are in the works!

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