Kiki and Keykey...Afghan Kitties
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November 2014

For kittens of war, Marines were heroes

Kiki and Keykey had a rough start to life in Afghanistan. But with U.S. Marines to call their buddies, they’ve ended up living happily ever after.


Kiki and his sister, Bones, were found by Brian Chambers. “At only 3 weeks old, their mother had disappeared,” Brian explained. “They were left alone to live rough and fend for themselves like the other cats in this area. We looked after them both and they lived in a box in the office, after a week they were allowed to roam around during the day and sleep with us in the hooch at night.”

About a week later, the two kittens took off by themselves. Bones was never seen again, but Kiki came back. He was badly injured, and too frightened even to approach Brian. “I ran to find some wipes to clean him and I then realized how bad this wounds really were.” The next day, the veterinarian came to see Kiki and put him on a course of antibiotics. Today, he’s fully recovered.


His buddy, KeyKey, was found, all tangled up in wire, by another marine, Chris Berry, early in his deployment. “I took him in and fixed his wounds. He was also extremely malnourished so I constantly kept an eye on him and fed him until he got back to good health and he has been by my side ever since.”

With help from cat-loving friends, Chris and Brian were able to send the kitties back to the United States, where they’ll be living with the young men’s respective parents, in Detroit, Michigan, and Houston, Texas, until their buddies return home.


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