Courtney...A Gibbon
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From International Primate Protection League (IPPL)

June 2010

Courtney was born on January 10, 2002, the result of a failed vasectomy. When she was just 12 days old, her mother Michelle rejected her, leaving the little 12-ounce infant with a terribly mangled leg.


Thanks to the skill of our veterinarian and months of attention from Courtney's special nannies and IPPL's entire staff, her injuries healed remarkably well. If you saw her leaping around, you would hardly believe how badly she had been hurt...


Courtney has made an amazing recovery since those difficult days of her early life. She now lives outdoors alongside Whoop-Whoop, and she climbs energetically and does back flips. She has now developed her grown-up gibbon song and joins in the IPPL gibbon chorus, singing along with the adult gibbons!"

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