Kitten was a cartoon cat, really
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FROM Marisa Miller Wolfson
March 2020

He was large and larger than life: a cartoon cat, really...


We named him Yitzhak, but mostly we called him "Kitten."

He was large and larger than life: a cartoon cat, really. He was my first kitten that I adopted, and I became his mama. He LOVED it when I held him like a baby, and he would dig his claws into my neck and face like it was his mama's belly. I put up with the pokes because every kitten needs a mama.


Kitten Other things he loved: chickpeas, broccoli, corn cobs, nooch, snuggles at 11 pm... and 1 am... and 3 am... and 5 am..., boxes, blocking my computer, my sweat after a workout (he would try to lick my armpits--bleh!) and when he was little and spry, doing serious acrobatics to bat a thrown ball with his paw. That kitty got serious air.

But almost 14 years after he came into our lives, he left. Three weeks after a totally fine checkup, his body was riddled with cancer. I still can't wrap my head around it.


Tomorrow is my birthday, but I don't want to celebrate me. I want to celebrate this wonderful little buddy who saw me through my engagement to David, a film, a book, two babies, three apartments, and this crazy presidency, providing comfort and silliness throughout.

Love you, Kitten! Such a good kitten.

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