Remembering My Beloved Hen 2blindy
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By Carrie Thompson from United Poultry Concerns (UPC)
May 2012

Carrie Thompson pays tribute to the blind hen she saved and loved for five precious years.

Dear Karen & UPC,

I remember the first time I called you to ask what I should do with the little hen I found left in a cardboard box to die. You highly encouraged me to keep her myself rather than give her to another home or a sanctuary. I am so grateful for your support and encouragement. I want to say something about this sweet and brave hen whom I named “2blindy,” and affectionately nicknamed “Boo.”

chicken respect sentient

She passed away on April 7, 2012 after making it through surgery. She spoke one word when she woke up, and then she left. She lived to be just over five years old.

She was blind but not incapacitated. She learned to follow me and would wait silently, cocking her head to listen. She learned the meaning of “careful.”

2blindy loved tomatoes but her favorite food was watermelon. She loved being sung to, and sometimes she’d get super spunky in her food dish, scratching the seeds and grains all over the place – a “nice mess” ‘cause that’s what chickens do. She was my meditation partner, my lap warmer and my loving companion. She had two songs written about her and at least two blogs, and she was made famous in the 2010 Chicken Run Rescue Calendar in the August photo of her standing at the entrance of her “Taos House.”

I loved watching her dustbathe, the way she’d roll her head and flap the dirt all under her feathers to clean and refresh herself. She especially loved it when someone watched and talked to her while she bathed, at which point she would purr long and hard, like she was proud of herself.

I remember the first egg she laid after I rescued her. Several months after she came home with me, before I woke up for the day, she laid an egg right at my bedroom doorway.

chicken respect sentient

One of the things she sought comfort in was being in my arms or on my lap. My partner Sean Meister and I built her an adobe shelter – her Taos House – so she would have two places to enjoy as she pleased. 2blindy knew that we loved her and she reciprocated our love. I would often say to Sean, “She loves love.”

Carrie Thompson, El Prado, New Mexico, May 4, 2012.

May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day. We remember and pay tribute to all of the chickens on the earth. We work for the day when they will be free from human cruelty and living happily. 

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