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Unlikely Friendships: Walter, Koda, Kenai

From Shartrina White, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary
July 2022

What makes Walter, Koda, and Kenai's friendship so unique? Perhaps itís because all three were all abandoned and left to die. 

Walter, Koda, and Kenai hanging out together

What makes Walter, Koda, and Kenai's friendship so unique?

Perhaps, it has something to do with their previous stories: they are three individuals that were all abandoned and left to die.

Walter - the turkey is a particular individual who was going to be eaten but ultimately abandoned and left to die a slow death of starvation.

Here at Luvin Arms, he found sanctuary and one best friend, Starlet, who unfortunately died in 2020.

For many months, Walter remained in sadness. He missed Starlet dearly.

Even after she was gone, her memories lingered. We missed seeing Starlet sleeping on top of Walter. She was just this tiny beautiful little girl. Walter's love affair with Starlet made our hearts happy.

But he's been all alone since then.

Walter is picky about who he wants as a friend. We certainly have tried with other individuals, but ultimately it just hasn't worked with anyone.

Until recently, something amazing happened. One of our caregivers felt that the three of them would get along.

So we put Koda, the baby duck, and Kenai, the baby chicken in with Walter.

Walter neither attacked them nor did he object to their presence. In the beginning, Walter was kind of distant from them.

Last night we found them lying next to Walter. He seems to be enjoying their company.

So we have one turkey, one duck, and one little chicken living in perfect harmony.

It's an unlikely friendship between three different species, and somehow, it's working.

It's beautiful.

They share similar stories of abandonment and neglect, and it will be fun watching their story together unfold.

Sometimes we can find friendship, companionship, and love in the most unlikely places.

I am sure you can relate.

Beautiful stories such as this are happening every day at Luvin Arms.

And you can witness them from the comfort of your home. You don't need to fly to Denver to visit LuvinArms. Simply book a virtual tour and discover many such beautiful stories yourself.

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