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Spring 2012 Issue

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Spring 2012 Issue - Table of Contents

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  1. SAEN uncovers epidemic of negligent deaths sweeping Harvard...death toll skyrocketing
  2. From the desks of Michael and Karen Budkie, SAEN’s Founders
  3. Colorado lab fined $23,821 by USDA following SAEN Complaint...Three-year History of Violations punished
  4. USDA issues violations against UC Davis primate abuse...SAEN investigation uncovers primate torture
  5. University of Washington fined $10,893 by USDA...Another SAEN victory for the animals
  6. SAEN victory...USDA takes action against MP research...Activists keep pressure on with protests
  7. SAEN exposes massive animal slaughter at New Mexico lab
  8. SAEN reveals University of Texas animal deaths...Dog and goat die while many others denied treatment
  9. SAEN exposes starvation deaths in Alaska...University kills a dozen muskoxen
  10. Negligence kills animals across U.S....SAEN unearths the truth
  11. SAEN coordinates national protests across the U.S....Activists take to the streets in three national events
  12. Exposing Ivy league animal abuse...Targeting Princeton
  13. Animal Rights 2011 – SAEN inspires activists across the U.S.
  14. Energizing and educating activists...Northeastern speaking tour 2011
  15. Vegan recipes
  16. SAEN receives $10,000 grant from Supreme Master Ching Hai
  17. SAEN speaks out to health conscious at Vegetarian Summerfest 2011
  18. USDA fines Texas lab $25,714 following SAEN complaint...Another criminal lab punished
  19. New Jersey pharmaceutical lab boils monkey alive...SAEN blows the whistle 

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