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This is a list of 20 labs that have killed animals through negligence and have been cited for violating the AWA by the USDA in conjunction with the deaths
2010 Lethal Labs
Facility # Killed Species Cause of Death
Vivisource (MA) Numerous Hamster Untreated Illness
Exemplar Genetics (IA) 39 Pig Heat Stress/lack of Ventilation
Wake Forest University (NC) 22 Rabbits Botched experimental procedures
University of Florida (FL) 7 1 Rabbit 6 rats Broken Back; Boiled Alive
University of Louisville (KY) 6 Rabbits Drug Overdose
Yale (CT) 6 Hamster Untreated Illness
University of Wisconsin, Parkside (WI) 5 Guinea Pigs Neglect, anesthesia overdose
Medical College of Wisconsin (WI) 4 Guinea Pigs Neglect
Brown University (RI) 3 Unspecified Surgical Complications
Brigham & Women's Hospital (MA) 2 1 Dog; 1 Sheep Anesthetic overdose; lack of vet care
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (NM) 2 Dogs Suffocation, Bleeding to death
University of Connecticut (CT) 1 Rabbit Botched surgical procedure
University of Medicine & Dentistry (NJ) 1 Dog Botched surgical procedure
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research 1 Primate Hypothermia (euthanasia)
Harvard Medical School (MA) 1 Primate Found Dead in cage after sterilization
Sanofi Pasteur (PA) 1 Guinea Pigs Anesthetic overdose
North Carolina State University (NC) 1 Cat Killed when returning to cage
University of California, Davis (CA) 1 Primate Chronic illness, self-injurious behavior
Stony Brook University (NY) 1 unspecified unspecified
Guident (MN) 1 unspecified unspecified
Total 105    

2010 Violations For Lethal Labs
Facility Violation
Vivisource (MA) 2.31 IACUC * ;  2.33 Veterinary Care
Exemplar Genetics (IA) 3.138  Motor Conveyances
Wake Forest University (NC) 2.31 IACUC* ;  2.32 Pers Qual #
University of Florida (FL) 2.38 Handling
University of Louisville (KY) 2.31 IACUC* ;  2.32 Pers Qual #
Yale (CT) 2.33 Veterinary Care
University of Wisconsin, Parkside (WI) 2.33 Veterinary Care
Medical College of Wisconsin (WI) 3.41 Handling
Brown University (RI) 2.31 IACUC* ;  2.32 Pers Qual #
Brigham & Women's Hospital (MA) 2.32 Personnel Qualifications
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (NM) 2.31 IACUC* ;  2.32 Pers Qual #
University of Connecticut (CT) 2.33 Veterinary Care
University of Medicine & Dentistry (NJ) 2.33 Veterinary Care
Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research 3.75 Housing Facilities
Harvard Medical School (MA) 2.32 Personnel Qualifications
Sanofi Pasteur (PA) 2.33 Veterinary Care
North Carolina State University (NC) 2.32 Personnel Qualifications
University of California, Davis (CA) 2.31 Iacuc* ; 2.33 Veterinary Care
Stony Brook University (NY) 2.32 Pers Qual #
Guident (MN) 2.31 IACUC *
* 2.31 IACUC = Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
# 2.32 Personnel Qualifications

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