Andrew PellWhere Jesus knelt to share with thee, the silence of Eternity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Where Jesus knelt to share with thee, the silence of Eternity
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A beautiful line from the Hymn ďDear Lord and Father of mankind by the Author John Greenleaf Whittier)

Jesus knelt to share with us the Silence of Eternity.
A message of love from God above that can set us all free.
Jesus was sent by his Heavenly Father to give to the World a pardon from Christís own plea.
That came from the Loving God above.
We cannot even Fathom the intensity of the Divine Love God had for his creation.
The World he created filled the angelic realm with such elation.
Yet it was a gift to every person and every Nation.
Christ was like the prophets of old to teach people to love and nurture each other.
For God stands alone, for there is no other.
Christ came as a man to live with men and preach Godís Holy word.
A divine message of love that was dormant for years and is now being heard,
Jesus prayed and wept tears of sorrow and tears of joy and divine love.
Which can only come from God in the Heavenís above.
Next time you sing that beautiful hymn, go back to the Bible and read the whole story,
The Bible is a wonderful Story, full of fact and light.
It is about God and Jesus in all their glory.
That hymn alone brings tears of joy to what God has ordained.
For everyone that reads the scriptures are divinely blessed.
We all will be at peace and will one day enjoy divine rest.

© Andrew Pell 30/01/2021

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