Andrew PellWhen We Feel Tired
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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When We Feel Tired
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

All of us feel tired from time to time.
To admit being tired is certainly no crime.
Acknowledge the fact we are human and not machines.
When we are tired the reality is not what it seems.
When we feel this way the answer is simply to rest.
Close your mind and think of God, realise we are truly blessed.
Take time to be still and clear the mind of all mental gymnastics.
At times we are like a reel of elastic.
When we feel tired accept our humanity.
Rest, be at peace and view the world warmly.
Jesus rested and took time of his heavenly commission.
He was ordained on an earthly mission.
When he rested, he set an example for us to follow.
This does not make us ineffectual or hollow.
Rest and be at peace to regain our energy.
Then we can continue on what we do with enthusiasm and synergy.

Andrew Pell 05/07/08

When We Feel Tired

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