Andrew PellWhen Love has Lost its Smile
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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When Love has Lost its Smile
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We all feel pain when love no longer smiles.
The days golden luster is not so golden.
Our defense mechanism is simply to go into denial.
We find ourselves falling into the doldrums.
But it doesnít have to be this way.
Let love shine from you and be pure gold.
You can be producer and director of the play.
Take positive steps and let Godís loving arms enfold.
Let natureís peace fill you with such delight.
Imagine everyday achieving what needs to be done.
God will always be the lantern through the darkest night.
With inward peace and drive you have already won.
When love has lots its smile, pick it up again.
Tomorrow brings new hope, new joy.
You no longer need to feel any pain.
You are blest with great gifts to employ.

© Andrew Pell 24/10/09

When Love has Lost its Smile

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