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We Love the word of Life
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We love the word of life.
Christs second coming will bring an end of all sorrows and earthly strife.
Jesus promises everlasting peace.
When all sickness and troubles will cease,
Christ taught us to love life to the fullest.
Allowing Jesus to take us by the hand and knowing what is best.
In Godís realm we are an honoured guest.
Wave goodbye to sadness and grief,
Such wonders will happen if we only believe.
An exciting world unparalleled in human history,
Bid farewell to human misery.
Why canít all the nations on the earth open their eyes!
Everlasting peace is there, openly no disguise,
Yet we continually think we know the answers to all these questions.
Unfortunately Christ does not even get a mention.
We are all fixated on making a monetary fortune.
Gold and silver will rust away.
Godís promise is everlasting.
Be one of the saints in heaven, happy and laughing.
Be at peace now, we are not immune sorrow.
For those who walk with God, there is a bright tomorrow.

(c) Andrew Pell 28/05/2018

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