Andrew PellUncharted Waters
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Uncharted Waters
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Uncharted Waters

How often do we find ourselves in waters unknown?
The ship is not moving and the wind is not blowing.
We cannot move forward and we cannot move back.
Suddenly all our plans and dreams are not on track.
All our experience and wisdom does not help us now.
We want to deal with a situation, but do not know how.
Rely on our intuition and Godís divine providence.
Anything else does not make sense.
Listen to the quiet voice within.
Such wonder will it bring.
Move forward with confidence and renewed zeal.
God will help you to heal.
No longer will you be lost in darkness or pain.
There is so much in life to gain.
Familiar land will be in sight.
A bright day always follows the darkest night.

© Andrew Pell 02/08/09

Uncharted Waters

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