Andrew PellA Troubled Earth
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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A Troubled Earth
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The World is in trouble but please spare a moment to reflect on all of Godís goodness.
God is always at the helm guiding us to safe waters.
This pandemic has hurt and devastated a lot of people.
God is not found in some high Church Steeple.
God is there with you and me every day, walking with everyday people.
God walks with us daily in this troubled sad time.
God and his Angels watch over us 24/7.
The Invisible Angels are there comforting the sick and the dying.
God sees the sadness and hears all the crying.
At times like this your faith must be strong.
Saying a prayer to God can do no wrong.
Focusing on God can be like a beautiful love song,
This pandemic has devastated individuals and nations.
God is very real so you will never ever be alone.
Pray and talk to God let his love and divine peace overwhelm you.
Let God wipe away all your tears.
God will bring to this troubled hope and peace.
At this moment there is darkness and despair,
But there is also is hope and love.
Divine Love that can only come from God above,
Embrace it, cherish it, hold onto it and share it with neighbors and friends.

© Andrew Pell 27/12/2020

God is love

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