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Totally Immersed
By John Cannon

Night rain
followed by a clouded morn
brings a strange clarity
to the deep woods,

Every surface is glistening
with a fine sheen,
transforming the colors
of bark and leaf and flower,

The smooth maple trunk
gleams in ebony
rather than its usual light gray,

The spicebush
is the deepest shiny green
as if each leaf
has been scrubbed and waxed
by Nature’s loving hand,

Bright red mushrooms
peek out
from the soft moist leaf litter

while the petals
of white and purple asters
sparkle among the ferns
with their drops of morning dew.

This damp overcast
somehow brings out a vibrancy
in each of these unique lives

that draws me in
to a vital presence
not noticed on clear dry days

when my eyes
scan the sky through the canopy
and my mind
reaches out beyond this place.

How good it feels
to focus all my energy
right here,

To let my senses
in these nearby beauties,

To be totally immersed
in the essence
of these deep woods.

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