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Thou Shall Not Kill
The simplest lesson to Learn
Yet so Difficult for Humans to Understand
For it means more than Man Killing Man
It Extends to all Life Animal and Man
Only an Imbecile has no knowledge of the Grand
But as Children we all knew the Cosmic Plan
It is not physiologically Insurmountable
Food for for the Mind easy to Comprehend
The Mass Of Humans are Gomerals
Who fail to fathom the Truth
How is it that You do not Understand
But now is Time to Wake Up
And Acknowledge Your own Roots
For my mission is simple I was Born
To Disseminate The Cosmic Truth
But as a Traveller I cannot stay Long
So hear my Words and Listen
To my Sisters and Brothers
For they will indicate the True Path
The True Way it is Found
When you do not Slay
So pay Homage and Pray
And Wish that you Never Stray
For their are Many of Us
On the other Side
Your Flesh will Disintegrate
Yet we know where Your Spirit Resides
For those You have Slain
Have Created A Hell for You
So heed the Word and Take Over
The Control of Your Cosmic Fate
Hell is just a Dream of Man
The True Reality You can Never Understand
What awaites you is incomprehensible Pain
In the taking of Life there is nothing to Gain
So I Beseech You to Save your own Soul
We are Vengeful and Rambunctious
Created by the Gods to Take Control
Let Every Creature Enjoy the Peac
They are Not Your Food they are Your Family
And Fallow the simplest Command
Intended for All that is Great and Small
This is the Enlightened Way of Man
The Water Course Way The Tao at Play
Respect these Teaching Every Day
And Let not One drop Of Blood Spill
Thou Shall Not Kill
~ Tabucur ~

Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 04/05/13

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