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The Time Machine
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Time Machine is theoretically in place.
Some conspiracies theorists believe that this is the case
Scientists argue that time is linear and we follow a straight path.
Others reject this theory over a bottle of wine and enjoy a good laugh.
But seriously; What if we had the ability to view past events unfolding?
Do we have the spiritual wisdom to effect change without knowing?
My own believe is at this time, it is not possible.
To understand the past and the future, we need to read the Bible.
The Bible is the only living Time Machine.
The past present and future of our world can be clearly seen.
We may not be able to affect past events.
Just as well it is written in stone and cement.
Would you trust the frailty of human nature to effect change?
This would be an unprecedented disaster beyond our thinking range.
Let us leave Time to God, who gave us time.
The intricacies are at present harmoniously aligned.

Andrew Pell 5/4/2008

The Time Machine

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