Andrew PellThe Red Moon
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Red Moon
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

What a wondrous sight was the eclipse of the moon.
As Mars eclipsed its orbit, we knew this inspired event would happen soon.
The shadow, the colour, the magical display and finally the moon became red.
An eerie colour was this miraculous event.
We cannot possibly comprehend the cosmic play with the finite mind.
This places us into a most awkward bind
But for God, it is not only possible, but also plausible and true.
He brought life to the cosmos; he made all things new.
The universe obeys his every command.
Now it becomes very easy to understand.
The cycle of the heavens are governed by his eternal law.
To know and believe that God is real is to unlock the spiritual door.
You will view life and everything in creation as never before.
God will govern your heart as he does the eternity of time and space.
This is the only hope for a sinful fallen human race.
The red moon is wondrous, but God is eternal.
Godís creation is everlasting and supernal.

© Andrew Pell 30/08/07

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