Andrew PellThe Power to Accomplish
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Power to Accomplish
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Power to Accomplish

In all of us is the innate power to accomplish.
It is what we dream, focus and relish.
All things are possible with the right thought process.
We cannot for a moment mentally take a recess.
We must have a burning power to achieve.
Spiritually we must be open to receive.
The past is gone please do not grieve.
Know and understand that you will succeed.
The obstacles we face are not real.
We will succeed because of our tenacity and zeal.
As it is thought, it will be done.
The power of thought is more powerful than the sun.
Utter those magical words let it be so.
Then be at peace and let it go.
Know that you have ignited the spiritual laws of the Divine.
Into the realms of that real world we now align.
Christ showed us the way.
The creative forces have now come into play.
As Christ stretched forth his hand, so can we.
To believe and accept is the magical key.
Miracles will be natural and common day events.
No payment is required, no fees or annual rent.
This is how it was from the beginning of time.
God has given us a wonderful gift that is truly sublime.
We are co creators with the heavenly hosts.
Ignite that latent power to achieve the things we desire the most.
Walk in the light and power of what we can achieve.
Be open to the many myriads of blessings we are about to receive.

Andrew Pell 07/02/09

The Power to Accomplish

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