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Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Nada Doctrine
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

("Nada" is Spanish for "Nothing," and the Nada (or Nothing) Doctrine, according to Saint John of the Cross and other Catholic mystics, is the first law for successful contemplative prayer).

Before we start we must empty our minds of any distraction.
We must set in motion a complete and utter union.
Find a quiet place, your very own sanctuary of peace.
Let our daily thoughts decrease.
Seek emptiness and quietness as our quest.
Allow your brainwaves to slowly come to rest.
Visualize an all-encompassing light.
The very presence of the eternal illuminates the night.
Allow the Divine to empower you with action and love.
God is now with you, not faraway or high above.
Pray and speak with purity and humble acclamation.
There is no more discord or derision.
Break through the earthquake, wind and fire.
O still small voice of calm.
Gods voice is the everlasting balm.
The power of the mind and ego has now been sublimated.
You are one with God and God is now with you.
These words are very real and true.
Pray now for God is understanding and active.
To maintain that link we must be vigilant and proactive.
The Life Force of all created worlds is sitting with you.
It is God alone that can make all things new.

Andrew Pell 09/12/10

The Nada Doctrine

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