Andrew PellThe Grail Castle
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The Grail Castle
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Grail Castle

When we were children we longed for a magical experience.
In our mind we used to open an invisible door or fence.
We enter a world where life is perfection and we are all one.
A day where the hours were long and were lots of fun.
The magical days when simplicity reigned supreme.
All we had to do was dream.
An escape from reality was our quest.
Childhood delight was always when we had invisible guests.
We have reached the Grail castle when we cease to worry.
In the Grail castle there is no need to hurry.
Do not give up on your eternal quest.
Spend a moment each day to dream and rest.
The Grail Castle is there for you to find.
Go to the inner depths of your heart and mind.

Andrew Pell 24/04/10

The Grail Castle

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