Andrew PellThe Gathering of Friends
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Gathering of Friends
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

How wonderful is it for friends to get together
It is sad when the answer is never.
Make opportunities to share each otherís sadness or happiness.
It is sad when people couldnít care less.
Uplift your friends in love and compassion.
Be at peace and love, this is Godís divine mission.
Share a meal enjoy a talk.
Hold hands and go for a walk.
Enjoy beautiful music together.
It is something that time will eventually sever.
Do it today for tomorrow is in Godís hands
Walk with your friends across the timeless sands.
Do not put off today a friend in need.
To uplift one another is Gods primary creed.
Say yes to a friendís kind invitation.
We do not need to make a reservation
We are blessed with beautiful people who cross our path.
They help us to relax and enjoy a good laugh.
Spend time with one another and be at peace.
A good friendship and love can only increase.
Do not become a hermit, for this is wrong.
People together can make a beautiful song.
Get together, organise lunch or dinner.
We will have an aura that will make us glimmer.
How wonderful is it for friends to get together.
Embrace a new friend and your heart will be light as a feather.

© Andrew Pell 23/08/08

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