Andrew PellThe Garden of Peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Garden of Peace
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

When life gets you down and the turmoil is great.
Visualize a lush green meadow with a wide opening gate.
Enter the gate with a noble and pure heart. Let your soul be your guide.
Before you enter the gate there are two trees side by side.
At the tree on the right hand side, leave all your baggage of anger and mistrust.
At the tree on the left hand side, leave all your envy and negativity. It will turn to dust.
Once you are cleansed, you now may enter the garden of peace.
Here in your heart, the anxiety will cease.
The garden is as long and wide as you wish it to be.
You may wish to walk that garden for hours or for years, the fence only you can see.
Take a deep breath, enter in unburden yourself! Bathe yourself with the divine light.
Walk and gaze upon each flower and see how God shines so bright.
Some people may need to walk that garden their whole life.
That garden is always there when we are in strife.
There is never any night in that garden of peace.
It is in that garden the turmoil will cease.
Be strong! Take a walk in your garden today.
Each flower will bless you with a golden ray.

Andrew Pell 22/08/2004

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