Andrew PellThe Feast of the Trinity is the Unity of Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Feast of the Trinity is the Unity of Love
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(A short Treatise on the Trinity)
The Godhead, the Christ and the Spirit of God are all part of Divine love.
Moving ever forward expanding and igniting planetary realms above;
Omnipotent and eternal encompassing vast galaxies in space;
There the Godhead with his creation comes face to face.
There is a unity of purpose of the Godhead within the Trinity.
Without that creative force in life there would be chaos and mediocrity.
Each sub atomic particle is blessed and kissed by the Trinity Divine;
The molecular structure and the Godhead are closely aligned.
Without the Trinity our world would be sorrow and cataclysm.
The Trinity brings unity with divine rhythm.
The Trinity invokes the metamorphism of all life earthly and celestial.
The evolvement of life is by no means trivial.
As humans we have a tendency towards incendiarism.
This will cause a spiritual and physical schism.
The Unity of divine Love permeates our very souls.
The Trinity touches our heart like burning coals.
In a brief microsecond we are purified and sanctified.
We are no longer on the outside and all our wants are supplied.
The eternal flame of the Trinity burns deep inside.
It is the same flame and force that daily walks by our side.
This is the immutable force that touches our very existence.
Yet our nature as humans is to be always reticent.
The unity of love ignites us on a human level.
It is only our lack of faith and inertia that is the real devil.
We can be part of the Trinity by extending our hand to a homeless man.
Believe in reaching your highest good, you know you can.
The unity of love will transport you to the highest peak.
It is there if only you embrace and seek.
The Super universes and planetary systems are ever moving forward.
The Trinity the Unity of love will never be stagnant or backward.
Yet with the complexity of the universe, the Trinity has time for the individual.
Nothing the Godhead has created is ever residual.
The Trinity is an unstoppable force moving without the limitations of time.
Godís vast universes will always be in their prime.
The Feast of the Trinity is the unity of love.
Rolling ever forward as a tide less sea.

© Andrew Pell 01/06/10

The Feast of the Trinity

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